Sunday, May 19, 2019

3 Simple Yoga Asanas to Soothe Neck Tension

A lot of office-going yoga students request their instructors for neck stretches. There’s a reason to it: Working in front of our computers and sitting for extended periods of time can often round our posture forward. This can create physical tension that is a pain in the neck both physically and energetically!

Although the neck is a relatively small region compared to the rest of the body, stress can literally and figuratively be a pain in the neck!

Fortunately, though, a little bit of yoga can go a long way. These simple, yet effective stretches will create space in the neck, shoulders and back, and will hopefully soothe your state of mind too.

Hold each pose for a minimum of five breaths and observe how you feel overall after. You can perform these stretches while sitting, or even standing tall, beginning in Mountain Pose (Tadasana).

Side Neck Stretch

  • Reach your left arm like outside your left hip, extending away from your body at about 45 degrees. Take your right hand to the left side of your head
  • On your exhale, fold your right ear toward your right shoulder
  • Hold for 5 deep breaths and repeat on the other side
  • This stretch will lengthen and soothe the side of your neck and shoulders (the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles)

Hand Clasp

  • Interlace your fingers behind your head and fold your elbows forward, hugging the biceps toward the midline of your body
  • On an exhale, tuck your chin toward your chest and hold for 5-10 deep breaths
  • This stretch will lengthen and soothe the back of your neck (the levator scapulae muscle)

Upper Back Stretch

  • Fold your left arm behind you toward the right side of your lower back
  • Lower your chin about halfway and place your right hand on the left side of your head
  • Exhale and fold your left ear to the right shoulder. Hold for 5 breaths and repeat on the other side
  • This stretch will lengthen and soothe both sides of your neck, your upper shoulders, chest, and the mid-upper back (the sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, pectorals, and rhomboids)
When life gets busy and drama is high, we can all hold a lot of stress and tension in the neck, shoulders and back. Also, slouching can physically compress your spine and make you feel stiff. Energetically, your computer slouch can make you feel tired and creatively closed off. Avoid it.

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Maintain Fitness Without Exercise: 5 Diet Tips for Working Women

Due to the lifestyle people follow today, working women barely have time for exercise to maintain fitness. Moreover, if you have a sitting job, then losing weight becomes incredibly challenging. A proper food plan or diet tips can go a long way and can result in fast weight loss.
Although exercise can promote a long and good life, but you don’t always have the time to workout to lose weight. For such a situation you can work on your diet. All you need to do is  just include some nutritious foods in your diet to maintain a healthy weight. 

Say No to Skipping Breakfast

Many workaholics skip the a.m. meal because they are in a much hurry during that time of the day. That is a huge mistake which should be avoided. Your body needs food way before lunchtime to maintain the energy levels throughout the day. If you avoid breakfast, you may get so hungry later that you will end up munching high-fat or sugary foods.
Breakfast boosts the metabolism, helping to burn calories for the whole day. It also provides the energy to do your office work.

Limit the Consumption of Coffee and Tea

Healthy eating and drinking go hand in hand. Most of the working women crave for a cup of caffeine while working. Most of the coffee machines serve a drink which already has high sugar in it. Try to limit the amount of coffee/tea to one cup per day or none at all.
There is another convincing reason to help you reduce your coffee intake. A study was carried out by Charles Gerba, a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona. It showed that up to 90 percent of mugs in workplace kitchens are coated in dangerous germs. Moreover, 20 percent of these cups actually carry fecal matter.

Eat a Healthy and Homemade Lunch

Eating from the office food court or ordering meal from a restaurant sounds convenient, but not a healthy diet habit. Working women need a homemade and nutritious lunch. Your tiffin box should contain some energy-boosting nutrients such as veggies, roti, rice and dal, and a salad.
Just like with breakfast, skipping lunch can spoil the fitness regime. The fattening snacks in your office would further make it difficult for healthy eating.

Avoid Packaged Foods

Remove unhealthy junk and oily foods from your routine in order to maintain fitness. Avoid packaged foods at all costs. Switch to snacks that are rich in protein, calcium, fats, carbs, minerals, and fiber. This helps to maintain or lose weight and reducing the risk of several diseases.
Although packed food is delicious and easily available, they do a lot of harm to your body. They can prevent you from reducing your weight, increase the cholesterol levels, and, dehydrate the body. Processed products contain harmful ingredients that take a toll on your health irrespective of your age.

Last but Not Least, Dinner

Finally, in the list of diet tips - Be mindful of what you eat for dinner. Do not avoid carbs. Since they are low-fat, rich in fiber, they help you relax in the evening. Especially after a hard day at work. 
Combine the carbs with some healthy essential fats, found in fish as well as nuts, seeds and their oils. Your body uses these healthy fats and protein overnight for regeneration and repair, vital for healthy skin and hair.