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Vitamin D Deficiency In Children: 7 Superfoods To Reduce Aggressive Behaviour

Do you get surprised when young children get angry or they insist a lot? Irritability in children is often ignored as the genetic effect of a family member. But the reason for the irritable nature of children can be due to lack of vitamin D in them. Yes, recent research has revealed that vitamin D deficiency can cause irritability in young children. This research has been published in a journal called 'Journal of Nutrition'. Let us tell you the main things to be learned in this research and the diet with vitamin D.

What does research say?

According to new research published in the Journal of Nutrition, vitamin D deficiency causes a kind of irritability in school going children (older than 5 years) and their behavior becomes aggressive. Moreover, such children are anxious, lost and depressed in themselves. In these children, the problem of mood swings is seen frequently. This research has been done by the University of Michigan. 
Do you know that along with the health of our body, vitamins and nutrients also affect our mood? Therefore, you need all kinds of nutrients to be physically and mentally healthy.
For this research, 3202 children between the ages of 5 to 12 years studying in primary school were studied. Keeping in mind: 
  • the daily habits of these children
  • parents' educational background
  • weight
  • length
  • diet 
the researchers collected the data and then performed a blood test. The conclusion was, vitamin D deficiency in young children increased the problem of behavior change.

Vitamin D deficiency in children

Chief researcher Professor Eduardo Villamor points out that children who are deficient in vitamin D during schooling have a higher problem of irritability. Let us tell you that the problem of irritability in children has increased considerably in the recent past. At a young age, children get so angry at small things that they do even think to sabotage and harm themselves due to anger.

Why Vitamin D deficiency in children?

Vitamin D deficiency in children has increased more rapidly in cities than in villages. The best natural sources of vitamin D are sun rays. Nowadays children in cities prefer to stay indoors rather than playing in the park outside. Apart from this, children are given so much work in schools nowadays, due to which they do not have time to play.
  • The addiction to junk foods
  • Ready to eat foods
  • Soft drinks, etc. 

Sunday, May 19, 2019

3 Simple Yoga Asanas to Soothe Neck Tension

A lot of office-going yoga students request their instructors for neck stretches. There’s a reason to it: Working in front of our computers and sitting for extended periods of time can often round our posture forward. This can create physical tension that is a pain in the neck both physically and energetically!

Although the neck is a relatively small region compared to the rest of the body, stress can literally and figuratively be a pain in the neck!

Fortunately, though, a little bit of yoga can go a long way. These simple, yet effective stretches will create space in the neck, shoulders and back, and will hopefully soothe your state of mind too.

Hold each pose for a minimum of five breaths and observe how you feel overall after. You can perform these stretches while sitting, or even standing tall, beginning in Mountain Pose (Tadasana).

Side Neck Stretch

  • Reach your left arm like outside your left hip, extending away from your body at about 45 degrees. Take your right hand to the left side of your head
  • On your exhale, fold your right ear toward your right shoulder
  • Hold for 5 deep breaths and repeat on the other side
  • This stretch will lengthen and soothe the side of your neck and shoulders (the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles)

Hand Clasp

  • Interlace your fingers behind your head and fold your elbows forward, hugging the biceps toward the midline of your body
  • On an exhale, tuck your chin toward your chest and hold for 5-10 deep breaths
  • This stretch will lengthen and soothe the back of your neck (the levator scapulae muscle)

Upper Back Stretch

  • Fold your left arm behind you toward the right side of your lower back
  • Lower your chin about halfway and place your right hand on the left side of your head
  • Exhale and fold your left ear to the right shoulder. Hold for 5 breaths and repeat on the other side
  • This stretch will lengthen and soothe both sides of your neck, your upper shoulders, chest, and the mid-upper back (the sternocleidomastoid, trapezius, pectorals, and rhomboids)
When life gets busy and drama is high, we can all hold a lot of stress and tension in the neck, shoulders and back. Also, slouching can physically compress your spine and make you feel stiff. Energetically, your computer slouch can make you feel tired and creatively closed off. Avoid it.

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Maintain Fitness Without Exercise: 5 Diet Tips for Working Women

Due to the lifestyle people follow today, working women barely have time for exercise to maintain fitness. Moreover, if you have a sitting job, then losing weight becomes incredibly challenging. A proper food plan or diet tips can go a long way and can result in fast weight loss.
Although exercise can promote a long and good life, but you don’t always have the time to workout to lose weight. For such a situation you can work on your diet. All you need to do is  just include some nutritious foods in your diet to maintain a healthy weight. 

Say No to Skipping Breakfast

Many workaholics skip the a.m. meal because they are in a much hurry during that time of the day. That is a huge mistake which should be avoided. Your body needs food way before lunchtime to maintain the energy levels throughout the day. If you avoid breakfast, you may get so hungry later that you will end up munching high-fat or sugary foods.
Breakfast boosts the metabolism, helping to burn calories for the whole day. It also provides the energy to do your office work.

Limit the Consumption of Coffee and Tea

Healthy eating and drinking go hand in hand. Most of the working women crave for a cup of caffeine while working. Most of the coffee machines serve a drink which already has high sugar in it. Try to limit the amount of coffee/tea to one cup per day or none at all.
There is another convincing reason to help you reduce your coffee intake. A study was carried out by Charles Gerba, a professor of environmental microbiology at the University of Arizona. It showed that up to 90 percent of mugs in workplace kitchens are coated in dangerous germs. Moreover, 20 percent of these cups actually carry fecal matter.

Eat a Healthy and Homemade Lunch

Eating from the office food court or ordering meal from a restaurant sounds convenient, but not a healthy diet habit. Working women need a homemade and nutritious lunch. Your tiffin box should contain some energy-boosting nutrients such as veggies, roti, rice and dal, and a salad.
Just like with breakfast, skipping lunch can spoil the fitness regime. The fattening snacks in your office would further make it difficult for healthy eating.

Avoid Packaged Foods

Remove unhealthy junk and oily foods from your routine in order to maintain fitness. Avoid packaged foods at all costs. Switch to snacks that are rich in protein, calcium, fats, carbs, minerals, and fiber. This helps to maintain or lose weight and reducing the risk of several diseases.
Although packed food is delicious and easily available, they do a lot of harm to your body. They can prevent you from reducing your weight, increase the cholesterol levels, and, dehydrate the body. Processed products contain harmful ingredients that take a toll on your health irrespective of your age.

Last but Not Least, Dinner

Finally, in the list of diet tips - Be mindful of what you eat for dinner. Do not avoid carbs. Since they are low-fat, rich in fiber, they help you relax in the evening. Especially after a hard day at work. 
Combine the carbs with some healthy essential fats, found in fish as well as nuts, seeds and their oils. Your body uses these healthy fats and protein overnight for regeneration and repair, vital for healthy skin and hair.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Fat-burning Yoga Asanas You Can Do in 10 Minutes

5 Protein Rich Foods to Get Rid of Belly Fat Quickly

Protein has now become an important nutrient to lose weight. It is now a popular nutrient that helps in melting belly fat. High protein can change a person's appetite and it also changes weight-regulating hormones. Protein takes much longer to break down, which reduces appetite significantly. As it fights hunger pangs, it makes you eat less and burn more fat. It also improves your metabolism. When you consume a high protein fat you will automatically eat less. Consumption of protein-rich fat will also provide you with other health benefits as well. It will keep you energetic. Protein will also keep your muscles, skin, hair and bones healthy, Here are some protein-rich foods which will help you say goodbye to your belly fat.


Eggs are extremely healthy and one of the most nutritious foods. Eggs are loaded with protein which can promote weight loss. You can consume eggs early morning for breakfast to get a good dose of energy. Another great thing about eggs is that you can cook it in various ways. You can enjoy it in different flavours. Almost every dietician suggests eggs in a weight loss plan.


Almonds are extremely healthy. Almonds will keep you full for longer and will reduce the consumption of extra calories. A handful of almonds throughout the day are enough to provide you with enough protein. It contains healthy fats. For vegetarians, almonds are the best option. Almonds also contain other essential nutrients like fiber, vitamin E, magnesium and omega-3 fatty acids. You can consume both soaked and baked almonds. You can also try almond butter according to your choice.

Beans and legumes

Beans and legumes are other great options for vegetarians. Legumes are low in fat. They are also cholesterol free. Another benefit is both beans and legumes are high in soluble fiber which will also keep your hunger pangs at bay. Both protein and fiber will help you shed belly fat. They are also rich in vitamins and minerals. You can add one to two cups of both beans and legumes to your diet. You can also cook them in various ways and flavours and enjoy the good taste.

Dairy products

Dairy products will not just provide you calcium but will also provide you with the required protein. But make sure that you consume full-fat dairy products. After consuming full-fat dairy products you will feel less hungry and satisfied for a long time. You can consume full-fat milk and yogurt. It will also promote bone and teeth health.

Fatty fishes

Fatty fishes which are rich in omega-3 fatty acid are a popular source protein. Protein helps in muscle building but the presence of omega-3 helps in the reduction of inflammation in the body. This process all combined increases metabolic rate. Inflammation triggers weight gain but when you consume fatty fishes you control both inflammation and weight gain. Omega-3 fatty acids will reduce the risk of a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases as well. It will also promote brain function.

Vitamins and Minerals for Kids: Know the top nutritional needs for kids

Mothers are very careful about the nutritional requirements of their kids. Every mother tries to achieve excellence in this field to ensure that her child receives the optimum nutrition required for proper development. When it comes to the nutritional requirement of kids than as a parent you must be very careful about the presence of each nutrition required for your kid. The nutritional requirement of a kid is very different from an adult. There are certain vitamins and minerals that a kid must intake through diet. Read on to all the essential vitamins and minerals that you must inculcate in your kids' diet.


Calcium is very important especially for kids. It plays a vital role in the development of bones and teeth of the kids. Healthy bones are required for a lifetime. Bone development should be focused from the initial stage itself. You should check the daily consumption of calcium of your kids. Dairy products are the best source of calcium. Milk should be a compulsory part of your kid's diet. Not just dairy products, green leafy vegetables also contain calcium. Keep your kid's bones and teeth healthy for a lifetime with proper intake of calcium from childhood only.

Vitamin D

Calcium alone cannot build strong bones and teeth. Vitamin D also plays a vital role as it absorbs the calcium from the diet. A kid's body requires vitamin D to help the calcium perform its function properly. It also improves the health of the immune and nervous system. Vitamin D can also help you prevent many diseases. Some foods which contain vitamin D include egg yolks, mushrooms, fortified cereal and almond milk. You can add these foods to your kids' diet for the optimum intake of vitamin D.


Fiber is extremely for both adults and kids. Fiber is good for digestion and overall gut health. Foods rich in fiber are loaded with other vitamin and minerals as well. Hence it is extremely healthy for kids. There are various options that are loaded with fiber. Most fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber. Some of the fruits and vegetables that you serve your kids which contain fiber include apples, bananas, oranges, carrots, broccoli, green vegetables and guava. Legumes and cereals are also rich in fiber.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is another essential vitamin for kids especially vitamin B12. It is extremely good for metabolism, energy, heart health and nervous system. Vitamin B12 is naturally present in animal products like fish, meat, eggs, poultry and milk products. For vegetarians and kids, you can choose fortified cereal and milk products.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

What to Do About Ulcers in the Mouth

Mouth ulcers, also known as oral ulcers, aphthous ulcers, or canker sores, are breaks in the tissue lining of your mouth, often along the base of the gums or inside the cheeks or lips, but can form in the floor of the mouth or on the tongue. They can be painful, annoying and sometimes embarrassing, interfering with eating, drinking, brushing and even talking. They are also very common. The pain from a mouth ulcer is caused because the nerves just below the surface of the lining of the mouth become exposed. Luckily most mouth ulcers are easy to treat.
Mouth ulcers are usually temporary, healing on their own within 1 to 2 weeks, and harmless (except for pain and inconvenience). If you get mouth ulcers that last longer than 3 weeks, or they recur regularly, you should seek medical attention as it may be a sign of a more serious problem.


Mouth ulcers are not contagious. The exact cause of oral ulcers is not known, but there are several factors that are suspected of contributing to their appearance.
  • Trauma or Tissue Damage: Damage to the mouth lining is common. Damage from vigorous brushing, orthodontic braces, ill-fitting dentures or biting the inside of your mouth can cause a mouth ulcer to form.
  • Infections: Bacterial, viral or fungal infections may cause mouth ulcers.
  • Stress Related Mouth Ulcers, Aphthous Ulcers: Most common in teens, stress-related mouth ulcers will heal within a couple of weeks. Prevention is by resolving stress-related problems or using stress-busting relaxation strategies. Hormonal changes and allergic reactions may also cause mouth ulcers.
  • Foods and Drinks: Mouth ulcers may be triggered by acids in certain foods, including oranges, lemons, pineapples, strawberries, tomatoes, and others.
  • Toothpaste or Oral Rinses: Pastes or rinses that contain sodium lauryl sulfate may contribute to the appearance of mouth ulcers.
  • Vitamin Deficiencies: A deficiency of vitamins such as B-12, iron, folate or zinc could also be a cause of mouth ulcers.
  • Quitting Smoking: Immediately after quitting smoking you may get mouth ulcers. This is usually temporary.

    Disease-Related Mouth Ulcers 

    There are some serious causes of mouth ulcers. Mouth ulcers can be symptoms of herpes infection, sex-related infection, inflammatory bowel disease, leukoplakia, gingivostomatitis, oral canceroral thrush, celiac disease, and immune disorders. If mouth ulcers are a symptom of a disease they are usually accompanied by other symptoms in the body, but not always.
    Most mouth ulcers last between 1 to 2 weeks. If mouth ulcers do not heal it could be a sign of disease that needs medical attention.


    Some treatments will require the removal of the source of the mouth ulcer, such as the treatment of those caused by the disease.
    For most mouth ulcers treatment is easy and effective.

    • Pain relief creams or ointments such as Orajel or Anbesol.
    • Rinsing the mouth with salt water and baking soda.
    • Cooling mouth rinses with cold water or applying ice to the ulcer.
    • Cool chamomile tea. Swish it in your mouth and then swallow.

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    Reset and Recharge: New Year Yoga Sequence

    During the holiday season, we’re out of our routines, we tend to eat and drink more, and we might be dealing with some cyclical grief that comes up during the darker season. Not to mention family stress, visitors, and the ravages of holiday traveling. All these things can throw us off our center. This gentle yoga practice supports calm, digestive health, and immune function to help you get back into the swing of things. This sequence can be done pretty much anytime, including first thing in the morning or right before bed.
    1. Cat/Cow
    Come to all fours. As you inhale, tip your tailbone and chin to the sky in a little backbend. As you exhale, round your back and press your belly button to your spine. Continue like that for around ten breaths or longer, and feel free to add anything else that feels good, like moving side to side, forward and back, or in circles. This moves the joint fluid around the spine and helps us check in with the shoulders, hips, neck, back, and belly. 
    2. Low Lunge with Side Bend
    From hands and knees, step your right foot forward into a lunge. Lengthen your stance enough that your back knee is behind your hip, not right under it, and your front knee is right over your ankle. Tuck your back toes under. Feel free to pad your back knee with a blanket. 
    Reach your arms up to the sky. Point your tailbone down to the floor while pressing your hips forward at the same time. Look for a stretch at the front of your left thigh. 
    Now bend your left elbow so your hand comes roughly in between your shoulderblades. Hold the elbow with your right hand. Pull your belly in, keep your tailbone down, and begin to side bend to the right. This releases your hip flexor, shoulder, and side, and can open up some space for your digestive organs. Hold for around five breaths, more if you like. 
    Gently come back to all fours and then repeat on the left side.  
    3. Wide Legged Forward Fold with Shoulder Stretch
    Carefully come to standing. If you’re comfortable with downward dog, you can use it as a transition: lift your knees into downward dog, walk forward into a standing forward fold, and then gently roll up. 
    Step your feet wide apart on your mat with your feet parallel. 
    Interlace your fingers behind your back and squeeze the shoulders together, opening the chest. Carefully fold over your legs, letting your fists rise to the sky. 
    Keep a small bend in your knees and press the legs out to the sides. If your shoulders bother you, simply let them come to the ground. Breathe here for five or more breaths. This pose stretches the legs and shoulders and is an inversion, which is healthy for the digestive organs, the brain, and the heart, and is soothing for the nervous system. 
    When you are ready to come out, hug the shoulders onto the back, look forward, and keep your back straight as you gently come up to standing again. 
    4. Restorative Backbend
    Sit down on the floor and find a bolster, a long pillow, or two pillows in a line. Place your prop behind you so you are sitting in front of it. Lay back so that your bum stays on the floor but your head is supported by the prop. Bring your feet together and let your knees open to the sides with support from more props (blankets, pillows, etc.). If that’s uncomfortable, keep your legs straight.

    Finding Spiritual Strength in Severe Illness

    “Some people awaken spiritually without ever coming into contact with any meditation technique or any spiritual teaching. They may awaken simply because they can’t stand the suffering anymore.” ~Eckhart Tolle
    Sometimes in life, we face pain so great that we must focus on surviving one day at a time, or even by the hour or the minute. During these moments, it feels as if our hearts naturally gravitate toward the spiritual, as there is only so much sadness, fear, bitterness or grief a human heart can hold before it cracks.
    We long to find the good in the bad situation, the purpose in the suffering, the safety in the unknown. And once we finally let go of our fear and take a leap of faith, we experience that familiar sense of peace and safety that seems to transcend the suffering.
    Numerous studies over the years have confirmed the incredible benefits of having strong spiritual beliefs during times of hardship and illness. These findings not only show that spirituality is linked to stronger emotional and mental health, but physical health as well.
    A new analysis, published in the journal CANCER, has found that cancer patients with greater overall religiosity and spirituality experienced better physical health, greater ability to go about their daily tasks, and had fewer physical symptoms of cancer.
    "These relationships were particularly strong in patients who experienced greater emotional aspects of religion and spirituality, including a sense of meaning and purpose in life as well as a connection to a source larger than oneself," said lead author Heather Jim, PhD, of the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa in a news release.
    The research team also found that cancer patients with a stronger sense of spirituality had fewer symptoms of depression, anxiety and distress. In contrast, spiritual distress and a sense of disconnectedness from God was linked to poorer emotional well-being and greater psychological distress.
    Greater spirituality in cancer patients was also linked to healthier relationships. The findings show that those who believe in a benevolent God (as opposed to a distant or easily angered God) and those with stronger convictions that a personal God can be called upon for assistance had an easier time maintaining relationships and social contacts. In contrast, those who struggled with their faith struggled more with their social life.

    Wednesday, January 2, 2019

    Importance of Spirituality

    1. Importance of Spirituality – The subject of Spirituality is useful for both – those who have worldly pursuits as well as those with an inclination for sādhanā (Spiritual practice)

    1. In case of patients (those with some ailments), if an attempt is to be made to explain them briefly so as to convince them intellectually, then spiritual remedies are extremely important in the two types of illnesses mentioned ahead:
      • An individual can do nothing about old age, incurable illnesses and death. In such cases, if a patient is depressed, then to overcome the depression, Spirituality may be used as a therapy to cultivate in him / her a philosophical attitude towards old age.
      • In cases of obsessive compulsive disorder (a psychiatric illness), it is useful to keep the patient’s mind pre-occupied.
    2. In the life of an average person, 20% problems occur due to physical and / or psychological reasons. Another 30% are due to spiritual as well as physical and / or psychological reasons. The remaining 50% are solely spiritual in origin. This means that by performing sādhanā, 80% problems can be resolved or the ability to endure them can be acquired by accepting one’s destiny.
    3. Those desirous of worldly pleasure : Sakām sādhanā gives happiness and reduces unhappiness as well.
    4. Those in search of Ānand (Bliss) : They experience the blissful state by performing nishkām sādhanā. Besides, their worldly unhappiness also gets alleviated.

    2. Importance of spirituality – Subject which bestows eternal and supreme Anand

            Every living being, from the smallest insect to the more evolved human being wishes to acquire supreme quality of happiness continuously and constantly. Every moment he makes attempts to acquire it. Happiness which is everlasting and of supreme quality is called Ānand. The science which teaches how to acquire Ānand is termed, ‘the science of Spirituality’. It is only after becoming introverted through sādhanā, that man realises the Divinity of the soul, that is, the spiritual prowess of God residing within him.
    अध्यात्मविद्याविद्यानाम् ।- Srīmadbhagwadgītā, Adhyāya 10, Shloka 32
    Meaning : Of all the sciences, spiritual science is the most supreme.

    3. Importance of Spirituality – Subject bestowing Omniscience

            There being innumerable subjects in the universe, studying even for several births will prove insufficient to become proficient in all of them. To merge into the Omniscient God, one has to become Omniscient. However, God has made this easy by providing us with the subject of Spirituality. This is the only subject in which if one becomes Omniscient, one becomes knowledgeable in other subjects too. This is because, finally all subjects have originated from Spirituality.

    4. Importance of Spirituality – A chance for an individual to free himself from the cycle of birth and death

            Man is born again and again for two reasons. The first, that is 65%, to complete his destiny by enduring it and the second, that is 35%, to make spiritual progress so as to acquire Ānand. Both these causes are related to Spirituality.
            The man is interested in Spirituality for the following reasons:
    1. Desire to discover the Creator : Each one feels like discovering the one from whom he has been created and feels like returning to Him. For instance, when a person comes of age, if he comes to know that he has a foster mother and that his real mother is elsewhere, then he will go in search of her. If someone goes on a vacation to a beautiful foreign land, at some point he feels like returning home. Similarly, at least subtly each one feels like going in search of the Creator and desires to return to Him.
    2. Desire to go from the temporary to permanent : One feels like giving this temporary life a support of the permanent (Spirituality). That is, one feels like going from incompleteness to Absoluteness at some time or the other, since there is a certainty of finding everlasting Ānand on this path.