Sunday, June 4, 2017

12 Ways To Get Rid Of Dandruff At Home

Dandruff is a form of skin eczema or a skin condition which usually occurs in parts of the body where there is high incidence of oil or sebum production. It is a common condition that affects the scalp of many men and women. Many men are found to suffer such a problem and become the butt of jokes among their friends. It is also seen as a sign of poor personal hygiene. Thus, even if dandruff is a common problem, many people see it is as an indication of poor lifestyle and hygiene choices. Men are scared of wearing black suits or shirts as they are scared that this problem will be revealed and they will be ridiculed in society. There are several causes that can be attributed to it and many home remedies that can be tried effectively to deal with such a skin condition.

Causes Of Dandruff

While many people think that dryness of the scalp leads to dandruff, it is usually the opposite and there could be several reasons attributed to it.
  •   It is a form of skin eczema that occurs not only in the scalp but could even occur in other areas of the skin. It is usually characterized by high sebum production.
  •   It is assumed that a yeast which lives on the skin, known as Malassezia furfur, plays a role in causing dandruff
  •   Skin cells which form in the scalp continuously, might be shed at a faster rate than it is normal which leads to the skin cells being seen as white flakes
  •   If the yeast on the skin overgrows it could lead to dandruff
  •   Stress, hormonal changes, too much oil or immune system deficiencies could lead to dandruff

Symptoms Of Dandruff

The symptoms of dandruff are several:
  •   There are white flakes which lie on the scalp and is visible on the scalp as well as on clothes
  •   There might be hair loss
  •   The scalp might feel itchy and on scratching, the white flakes fall off from the hair
  •   It might come on with red and blotchy skin on other parts of the body like the face or hands.
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