Monday, February 27, 2017

Skin care Routine for Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation, also known as dark spots or sun spots – is the excess pigmentation on your skin that is not fun to deal with. Hyperpigmentation bothers many people, especially in sunny countries like India. 

You can deal with hyperpigmentation by adopting a skin care routine that will also benefit your skin in other ways. Let’s see how you can get clear pigmentation free skin once and for all. 

Causes of hyperpigmentation
Hyperpigmentation can be caused by a number of reasons:
1. If you have spent your early years out in the sun unprotected, pigmentation starts showing up on your face in your 20s
2. Your acnes leave scars behind on your skin
3. It can also be caused by hormonal changes
4. Pregnancy causes a condition called ‘melasma’ or mask of pregnancy which usually shows up on the bridge of the nose, cheeks, forehead and lips
5. Women on birth control pills may also experience blotchiness

Skin care routine to fight hyperpigmentation
Women usually tend to get rid of pigmentation by bleaching or by covering up the patchiness with makeup, but they only end up making your skin worse. Bleaching excessively can strip your face of its natural glow and makeup is a temporary relief.
Instead a dedicated daily skin care routine can easily treat superficial hyperpigmentation and do wonders for your skin in the long run.

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