Friday, February 17, 2017

Drink a glass of tart cherry juice for this incredible effect on your kidneys

Tart cherries are one of nature’s most delicious and nutritious snacks. Whether you prefer them fresh or as a frozen treat, these bright red fruits are sweet, sour, and packed full of nutrients. Tart cherry juice is tasty, tangy, and refreshing. Try mixing the juice with sparkling water for a delicious homemade cherry soda. Or mix the juice with some Greek yogurt and chill the mixture into freezer pops for a healthy ice cream substitute. 
Tart cherry is a natural pain reliever. It’s rich in free-radical-fighting antioxidants. It’s good for your heart, your brain, your joints, and your muscles. With this many benefits, tart cherry might as well be considered a superfood.

Weight Loss 

Anthocyanins, a flavonoid in tart cherries, are responsible for the bright red color of the fruit. These flavonoids also act as metabolism boosters, according to studies conducted on rats. Researchers found that rats who were given tart cherry extract along with fatty foods didn’t gain as much weight as rats who were not fed cherry extract.

Immunity Boost

Like most fruits and vegetables, cherries are a good source of antioxidants, which are great for your immune system. Tart cherries are also high in vitamin C and zinc, both of which are known to boost the immune system and prevent illnesses. 

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