Sunday, February 12, 2017

9 Awesome Ways to Exercise With Your Kid

It’s no secret that kids mimic their parent’s behavior. So why not start their passion for exercise as early as you can?
“Child obesity is on the rise and we need to start showing our children that a healthy/fit lifestyle can and should be normal,” says Sean Garner, trainer at Anatomy 1220 in Miami, FL.
Including your child in the occasional workout is a great way to break from the cycle many families have of spending time together in front on the TV or on their technological devices.
Not only is including your kid in your workouts an effective way for him or her to have positive associations with exercise, it’s a great way for you to remember that working out shouldn’t always be a chore. 
So many adults are focused on sets and reps, when they could really benefit from playing, says Garner. Check out the video above for 9 awesome ways to get active with your kids.

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