Friday, February 17, 2017

5 heart attack warnings signs that you should never ignore

Heart attacks symptoms can be more than pain in the arm and chest, and for women, the symptoms can show up in ways many people never knew. We’ve listed five ways heart attack symptoms can manifest themselves in women specifically, and what to look out for in the future.
This one is pretty simple and manifests in both men and women. While symptoms can be different between men and women, this is still considered the number 1 sign. Dr. Sharonne Hayes, director of the Women’s Heart Clinic at the Mayo Clinic, notes that “it’s important to say that we’re way more alike than we are different. The main symptom for men and women is some type of chest discomfort, pain, pressure, burning. About 90 percent-plus of men and women have that, if asked.”

Lightheadedness, dizziness, and other pain

Changes in your ability to exercise can be a massive sign of a heart attack. More than men, women can have more shortness of breath or nausea and vomiting than men, and so it’s important to consider seeing a doctor immediately if you start feeling these symptoms!

Changes in your ability to exercise

If easy exercise, or even anything like walking up the stairs, has suddenly become a difficult endeavor, this can be a sign of a heart attack. If things that were easy to you suddenly give you labored breathing, it’s time to call your physician.
“I find as a physician, one of the most helpful questions when somebody comes in and says they’re breathless, I say, think back… Could you do that earlier this summer or last summer, and now you can’t?” Hayes said.
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