Friday, January 27, 2017

The 22-Minute Swimming Burns 270-Calorie

Hit the pool and burn close to 300 calories in just 22 minutes with this workout from Dave Thomas, USA Swimming sport-development consultant in Colorado Springs. 

Performing drills in the water is the best way to improve form and prevent boredom. 

This routine is based on a 25-yard-long pool lane; we've given times to shoot for, but go at your own pace. If needed, take 20-second rests between each segment.

1. Freestyle42
2. Alternate freestyle and backstroke84
3. Use a kickboard44
4. Freestyle using a pull buoy floating device held between legs42
5. Repeat #284
6. Your favorite stroke (moderate pace)84
7. Sprint (favorite stroke)21
8. Freestyle (cool down)21

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