Sunday, January 22, 2017

Powerful Home Remedies For Hair Growth

The Need For Hair Growth

In some people overall thinning of the hair occurs without any bald spot or patterns. The individual will that the hair is not thick or full as it previously was. There are many reasons for this hair loss condition and most of them can be effectively treated using home remedies for hair growth. It is normal for a healthy person to lose up to 100 hairs a day. Though the condition is very common, it is very tough to live with it as it may change your appearance.

Causes Of General Hair Loss

The important causes of general hair loss include
•    Rapid shedding of hair after child birth
•    Hair loss after fever
•    Sudden weight loss
•    Some medications
•    Certain illness and infections
•    Severe stress
•    Thyroid problems
•    Anemia
•    Age
•    Poor diet

Symptoms Of Hair Loss

Hair thinning occurs very slowly and you may not notice the problem. Some of the important symptoms are
•    Clumps of hair fall out
•    Loss of more than 100 hairs in a day
•    Thinning of the hairline
It is necessary to understand the cause for hair loss and treat it with appropriate home remedies for hair growth. Good nutrition, good hygiene and adequate levels of vitamins and irons ensure the growth and health of the hair.

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