Friday, January 27, 2017

Just 20 Minutes of Meditation Can Keep Your Mind Healthy

Isn’t our mind the very essence of our being—what makes us feel alive? What are we without our mind? Flesh and blood? You’d probably agree. Our perception, experiences, feelings, and the ability to think and act are all processed by our mind. Doesn’t that require us to keep our mind healthy at all costs?

A healthy mind is one that is not scattered all over the place. It is not grieving the past nor is it anxious about what might befall in the future. It is focused and productive and at the peak of its creativity. It can be all this only when it is free of stress. Stress is responsible for making a mind dull and for triggering emotional and physical problems. Have you noticed how easily someone can get you to shout and howl when you are already stressed?

On the contrary, a healthy mind keeps you calm and composed even at troubled times. You are able to enjoy what you are doing now, be it reading this article, getting a report done on time, or walking your dog. It strengthens your relationships with people. In fact, your mind is so powerful that it can also affect your physical and emotional health. You are more likely to fall ill when you are stressed because your immune system weakens.

If you can manage your mind, you can manage everything else—relationships, career, health, you name it. And meditation can help you do it from where you are sitting right now. Yes, combat stress with meditation: an age-old technique that can make you feel new every moment. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to keep your mind healthy. Just as we maintain dental hygiene by brushing regularly, meditation can be our tool to maintain mental hygiene. Let’s see how in the sections that follow.

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