Thursday, January 19, 2017

Easy Hair Care Tips For Healthy Hair

Who doesn’t want easy tips to maintain healthy hair? In today’s world, time is of the utmost importance and so are hassle free solutions to everyday problems, including those related to hair care.

Here are some easy and effective tips for healthy and attractive hair:

1. Healthy diet:

Nutritional factors affect your hair directly [1]. Therefore, it is necessary for your hair to receive two major nutrients, proteins and vitamins, vital for its healthy growth [2].

Foods that are good for healthy hair include:

• Fish rich in proteins.
• Spinach and carrots -- rich in Vitamin A.
• Eggs -- help to provide biotin to prevent brittle hair.
• Guavas, gooseberry and green vegetables – rich in Vitamin C.
• Water – at least 2 litres a day.

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