Thursday, January 19, 2017

6 Tips for Core Strengthening

Maintaining overall fitness is the goal for most people who exercise, but the “core” of your body, that area between your shoulders to the top of your legs, is one of the most crucial areas for staying active and strong. 

Core strengthening not only helps you to excel at athletic activities and keeps you looking lean, it also helps you to maintain balance, preserve flexibility and prevent back injuries. 

Here’s a look at why your core is so important and how you can keep the muscles and ligaments of your core in top form.

Understanding the Core of Your Body

The core of the body includes the muscles of the back shoulders, abdomen, pelvis and chest. These areas are the foundation of all movement and all motion in the extremities is dependent on the neural connections that run through the core to the spinal column. 
Core strengthening allows you to move confidently, adjust your balance easily and maintain strength throughout the body. Your core allows you to move freely, easily and without strain on individual muscle groups. It allows you complete coordination when you engage in athletic activities, protecting your body from overuse of any one area.
Core strengthening becomes even more important as you age, because activity levels often drop, leaving muscles weakened and vulnerable to injury. A strong core helps to improve balance to prevent falls and increase flexibility to stay active.

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